How This Distributor Went From Tedious Spreadsheets to Accelerated Sales With SupplyMover

This story may sound familiar to you, since many distributors face similar struggles and difficulties to those faced by this distribution company from Toledo, Ohio.

Quality Care Products LLC (QCP) has been in business since 2001 but they started running into problems as they began to scale, and realized they needed a way to streamline their business operations. They knew there had to be a way to increase efficiency, sales, online orders, and support their continued growth.

The QCP Team

Before SupplyMover, QCP moved through their workdays the same way many businesses do; using a variety of confusing, separate systems, Excel sheets, and at times hand-written notes. They used SAP for their inventory, and another e-commerce system for their online orders. SAP can be a great resource for distributors, but can be difficult to navigate, the spreadsheets quickly became outdated, and that e-commerce platform wasn’t connected to anything the sales reps could see. 

“As we began to grow, it became clear we couldn’t support a larger sales team with what we were using,” says Brandon Smith, VP of Trade Relations for QCP. “Before, there was no way for reps to organize their day. They’d go off to an excel sheet, keep notes on the sheet, and that was that. There was no easy way to see info on calls, orders, or previously purchased items.” 

If this sounds familiar to you, keep reading. 

Now, being on SupplyMover for the better part of two years, everything has changed. Not only are their processes simpler and more streamlined, but after their first year with SupplyMover, they saw a significant bump up in sales! 

QCP had an impressive 35% increase in lines per order by providing their customers a convenient way to shop, and now reps could easily work directly with customers on their e-commerce orders in real-time. Plus, reps always have their daily opportunities delivered through customizable, individualized activity dashboards. The system even identifies and flags “at risk” customers who may have slowed or stopped ordering certain products. 

With SupplyMover supercharging their business, QCP also saw a 16% increase in unique items sold per customer and a 23% increase in orders placed. Now those are the kinds of numbers that any distributor would love to see – and you can, too!  

Interested in how you can see similar increases to your sales while making the whole process easier on your team?  

The SupplyMover team is excited to help you streamline your systems and get prepared for growth with a scalable solution built specifically for distributors like yourself. We’re passionate about helping teams learn about new ways to grow, because we’ve seen the difference it can make firsthand.

We’d be happy to chat over the phone or via email to help you find out if SupplyMover is that puzzle piece that you’ve been missing.  If you want to learn more, you can also schedule a demo here!

We encourage you to take a look at the QCP case study for all the details.

Does this sound like your business?: 

  • Orders are slow to enter into the ERP. 
  • Spreadsheet insanity. 
  • No shared data on clients, orders, or calls. Data has to be input manually. 
  • Reps can’t see or assist with what clients are trying to do with the e-commerce portal. 
  • No opportunity to make suggestions while clients are shopping.  
  • If clients can’t find something, they can’t buy it. 
  • Reps want flexibility on pricing and solving other issues with their customers. 

Here’s how SupplyMover can solve it!:

Sales enablement tools and CRM 

Working with a CRM built to serve their needs improves reps’ quality of life tremendously and saves valuable time. They can quickly compare competitive prices, and they can easily access in-depth client profiles including order history, notes, and more. 

Daily activity dashboards

Reps know who to call and what to sell. The dashboard lists various sales manager-assigned activities so reps know where to start. The dashboard is also how they find out about calls they’re picking up for other reps who are out for PTO or vacation or otherwise out of pocket. 

Fully integrated e-commerce

The QCP team credits SupplyMover’s e-commerce system with adding lines to orders regularly, with easy to use search functionality and dual order entry, where reps can assist and make suggestions while customers are filling up their cart. 

Are you ready to transform your own sales and customer management platform? 

Like QCP, you can discover how to unlock your potential with real-time analytics, sales automations, and data usability upgrades to drive revenue and growth.  

To learn more, just visit and don’t forget, we’re always ready to help and answer your questions! 

About Us (The short and sweet version) 

SupplyMover offers a powerful and scalable suite of sales enablement tools to distributors, giving sales teams, administrators, compliance officers, and executive leaders everything they need to eliminate waste and maximize profits. In addition to a robust CRM system, SupplyMover offers streamlined customer onboarding processes, automated lead distribution, A.I.-powered suggested selling options, a mobile-friendly e-commerce system, comprehensive and easy-to-generate KPI reports, and more. 

You can read the QCP case study HERE.

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