Four Benefits of Visualizing Your Goals 

Getting a sense of how you’re doing can be tough. If you’re using spreadsheets or a vanilla CRM, it can be brutal, tabulating, sometimes by hand, outcomes and results of sales efforts.  

A modern platform can change all of that. By automating the goal tracking process and introducing one-click reporting functionality to your team, you can get updates anytime you need them. And by visualizing those goals and reports and making them accessible via a main dashboard, you can transform how your whole team responds to data.  

There are all kinds of benefits to taking these steps with your data. Here are four main benefits.  


Being able to visualize your goals easily and having them presented in a simple, easy to understand manner means there’s no uncertainty about where you stand. How far are you into this months sales goals? How much of your daily call totals and order totals have you managed to accomplish? All of this is visualized for you, so you can know at a glance how you’re doing and how much farther you still have to go.  


Seeing at a glance how you’re doing means there’s added incentive to get your goals accomplished. Because as you accomplish your goals, you can see your totals change and feel the satisfaction of getting that much closer to your daily or monthly goals. Seeing, in this case, means believing—and makes a huge difference. 


When managers and reps are looking at the same numbers and the same results and outcomes, that means everyone is on the same page. Adjustments can be made collaboratively to take advantage of a strong month or reassess if goal progress is proceeding too slowly. When everyone has the same data, that means everyone can respond simultaneously to however things are proceeding.  


When you can see your goals right there on your dashboard, it becomes less important who is to blame for a bad month and becomes more important what to do about it. And for good months, it become even more apparent who should be celebrated for working hard and crushing their goals. But hand in hand with transparency—meaning the understanding that comes from mutual understanding—come accountability, the consequences that follow from hit or missed goals and the adjustments that follow them.  

Get SupplyMover 

SupplyMover has robust visualized graphics to display goal tracking outcomes, and has automated goal tracking and one-click report generation. Take advantage of all of these benefits and more with the one CRM, e-commerce, and sales enablement suite designed specifically for distrubutors. 

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