Ensure quality with real-time customer and product tracking

By combining operational workflows with company health automations, SupplyMover is the all-in-one solution for the industry’s most forward-thinking distribution teams.


Compliance has never been easier

Automated license verification prevents sales to customers with expired licenses
Integrations with billing and ordering platforms centralize payment info
Compliance automations reduce the manual effort needed to complete tasks


Real-time license & status monitoring.

Consulting other platforms to get license information is time consuming and inconvenient. Always know who you’re selling to with real-time license and status monitoring built right into the system. Our smart notification system lets you know when something important is upcoming or has changed.

Don’t miss a thing with compliance solutions

Compliance is an important role especially when a distributor’s products are highly regulated. Take some of the stress off your shoulders with tools like automated licensing checks.

Client details data

Access all of the information you need to know about a customer, including in-depth order histories, product recommendations, and follow up suggestions. See what regulated products they order and their license statuses with a click to their details page.

Automated license verification

Distributors love our automated compliance tracking, reporting, and alerts. SupplyMover regularly checks the status of licenses, alerts the necessary users of any expiring, and won’t allow sales when a license is expired. No more manually checking each individual license. 

Automate repetitive tasks

By automating simple tasks, SupplyMover helps teams work faster, shrinking sales cycles and growing your business. Get event triggers, process automations, and more functionality to save time and boost efficiency. Take advantage of prebuilt workflows built specifically for distribution.

Invoice and order payments

Easily accept a variety of payment methods from your customers, including credit cards and ACH payments. Orders can be placed through the e-commerce portal or directly from the CRM. In-depth invoice histories are always available through the customer file.

Maximize your profit with SupplyMover


Increase in Total Sales


Increase in Customers


Increase in New Orders

Average increase after first year of implementation

The software has been a really good tool for the sales department because every day they can see what their sales are, how long they have been on the phone, how many calls they made, and a ton of customer information.

Wendy Fahrenholz

Sales and Marketing Director – SouthPointe Wholesale


You Have Questions.
We Have Answers.

What can SupplyMover do for compliance?

SupplyMover’s centralized platform puts all your data in one, easy-to-navigate place – including integrated data from other systems like your ERP or WMS. Customer data, payments, and orders are all automatically tracked, and you can generate reports on what you need. Custom automated workflows can be built out for the tasks you need them for, and we even have automated license verification that lets you know when a customer or product license is expiring, including notifications for those who need to know.

What is automated license verification? 

Our AI algorithms use your data to understand what your customers’ buying habits are, so that we can provide tailored suggestions for cross-selling and upselling. Working with distributors we understand which data points are most important, and which ones can be combined to provide valuable, predictive insights. 

What integrations are available for the CRM?

SupplyMover can integrate seamlessly with your ERP, ordering systems, payment collection platforms, email inbox and phone systems.

Will SupplyMover be easy for all my employees to learn and adopt? 

We make adoption easy, with a simple and thorough onboarding process and ongoing support. Plus, our platform is built to be intuitive, so it’s already easy to use. 

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