Health and Beauty

Health & Beauty sales enablement and CRM

Modernize the way you manage your health and beauty business with SupplyMover’s comprehensive CRM and e-commerce solution. Manage customer data, track interactions, and allow your customers to shop online, all in one platform.

Health & Beauty

Intuitive Customer Management & Sales-Enabling Tools

The Right Tools

Sales enablement tools like auto-sorted contact lists, suggested products for boosting sales, email automations, and workflow automations are proven to save hours of time and increase sales for our users.

  • Customer profitability reports
  • Product recommendations and trends
  • Workflow automations

Google Maps

Prospecting and route planning with Google Maps

We’re integrated with Google Maps, so with the same interface we all know and love, you can easily plot your customers, plan sales routes, and even add prospects, directly from the map with just a click. Pins are also color-coded, so you can tell apart customers and leads.

Know your customers

Access detailed customer information and history with a single click.

Measure performance

Individual and team-based goals keep users on track and productive, and leadership informed.

Predict outcomes

SupplyMover empowers users to be proactive toward opportunities and potential red flags.

Why SupplyMover

3 ways SupplyMover helps health & beauty distributors grow

CRM Solutions Tailored to Beauty Distributors

Easily manage your customer relationships, track interactions, and get notified of new sales opportunities. Take advantage of advanced features including reporting and analytics, workflow automations, and customized dashboards, all designed for distribution.

Integrated E-Commerce Built for Beauty Products

With an integrated e-commerce solution, you can easily manage your inventory, accept online payments, and process orders right from the same interface. Increase orders and provide a better experience for your customers, all from one central location.

Sales Enablement Tools to Drive Revenue

Powerful sales enablement tools designed to help sales sell more products. AI-powered product recommendations and customer insights provide reps with the data they need to be effective sellers. Highlighted opportunities and alerts keep users aware of what’s most important.

Solutions built for health & beauty distributors

SupplyMover provides the tools you need and didn’t know you needed, with features like customer-specific product recommendations, ways to manage customer data and track interactions, tools for easy prospecting, and an online shop for customers. 

Suggested Selling

SupplyMover utilizes multiple data points, like monthly sales trends, contact frequency, and product data to provide your sales team with customer-specific product recommendations that boost sales by an average of 20% for our users.

Contact Management

SupplyMover automatically sorts each team member’s contact list based on priority. It’s also easy to list multiple contacts and group customers based on factors like buying groups and organizations. 

Mobile Accessibility

Access our platform from your device, wherever you are. You also have the ability to view orders right from a tablet or phone, so you can even submit and deliver orders on the go, right from wherever you may be selling.

Integrated B2B e-commerce

Utilize a fully-integrated e-commerce built right into the same platform. Provide your customers with a secure shopping portal while giving your sales teams the ability to interact with the same cart in real-time.


Health & Beauty insights and forecasting

A.I. power for your health & beauty inventory

Make informed decisions based on product recommendations and real-time data. Plan ahead with inventory counts and trends to accurately forecast your inventory with key insights.

  • Inventory trends and forecasting
  • Manage stock, orders, and sales
  • Product recommendations

Maximize your profit with SupplyMover


Increase in Total Sales


Increase in Customers


Increase in New Orders

Average increase after first year of implementation


You Have Questions.
We Have Answers.

How does SupplyMover organize and suggest contacts? 

We automatically move the contacts each rep needs to get in touch with next to the top of their contact list. You can even set how frequently you want to reach out to contacts, so we move them up the list when you need them.

Can I use the Google Maps integration to plan sales routes?

Yes! You can plot customers, create leads, as well as plan and optimize your sales routes, right from the integrated Google Maps feature. 

How does SupplyMover catch all my at risk accounts and products?

Our A.I. recognizes patterns and will notify you when there is a negative trend in a product or a customer’s buying habits. This way you can get to the bottom of it before it becomes an issue, or even goes entirely missed.

Will SupplyMover be easy for all my employees to learn and adopt?

We make adoption easy, with a simple and thorough onboarding process and ongoing support. Plus, our platform is built to be intuitive, so it’s already easy to use.

I use other systems, too. What integrations are available?

SupplyMover can integrate seamlessly with your ERP, ordering systems, payment collection platforms, email inbox, and phone systems.

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