vs. Other CRMs

Finding the right CRM or Sales Enablement platform can be overwhelming. Below you will find helpful information comparing SupplyMover, the only distribution-specific CRM, Sales enablement, and e-commerce platform, to other popular CRM alternatives.

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    SupplyMover was built with value and transparency in mind.

    In a space as saturated as sales software, we’re deeply connected to our target customer and the value we bring them as a growth partner. But we’re not the perfect match for everyone – and we do that on purpose. We are specifically here to service distribution and wholesale business.

    After analyzing our main competitors on the market—the other solutions you’re probably comparing us against—here’s how we stack up against each of them.

    Built for distributors

    • Fully loaded CRM
    • Pull in all relevant customer, sales, and inventory data with prebuilt ERP integrations
    • A.I. powered insights provide your team with actionable tasks and not just data
    • Fully integrated e-commerce platform that can be accessed via the CRM and customer portal

    Is it built for me?

    • Not the best-suited for organizations seeking features like barcode scanning, accounting, or document generation.
    • Not an ideal choice for B2C (business to customer) business.
    • Not designed for companies outside of the distribution or wholesale industries.

    Make the right choice

    Questions to consider when choosing a new platform

    How easy is the platform to use?

    SupplyMover organizes your contacts, delivering custom lists including customers who are due for a call or due for an order. It also provides multiple tools to help you sell more items per call, including cross-selling and upselling suggestions and previously purchased items.

    What features and tools does the platform offer for my specific industry?

    Our integrated e-commerce platform can be accessed by both your sales team and customers, streamlining your online sales process. With our powerful A.I. technology, your sales reps can get targeted recommendations on which customers have the best sales opportunities, along with customer-specific product recommendations, resulting in more products sold.

    How can this platform affect my bottom line?

    Integrated e-commerce and A.I. technology provide a streamlined sales process, making it easier for customers to place orders and for sales reps to manage them. Powerful insights and recommendations help your sales reps to identify the best sales opportunities and have more profitable conversations with customers.

    Standard Feature Comparison

    FeatureSupplyMoverSalesforceSales-iWhiteCup CRMProton AI
    E-commerce with dual order entry
    Distribution-specific CRM
    Product and customer trends
    Meeting/call scheduling
    Order entry
    Google Maps prospecting
    “At-risk” and “opportunity” indicators
    Customer-specific suggested selling
    Real-time KPI tracking
    Sales automation and event triggers