Manage All Your Processes From One Integrated Platform

A distributor’s day is busy enough as is, you don’t need to be spending time hopping from one application to another and digging for the right information.

But, a distributor needs a lot of functionality for their diverse operations and heavy workloads, so multiple systems are often important to help them operate. That’s where integrations come in!

Integrate your systems and allow SupplyMover to create one, easy-breezy platform where you can manage all your processes seamlessly.

Connect Existing Software

SupplyMover integrates with your systems, cutting down on time and headaches by centralizing all your data.

Integrate with hundreds of tools and apps like:

  • ERP
  • VOIP/phone
  • Email
  • Inventory (WMS, logistics, shipping providers, ordering systems, etc)
  • Financial software (payment collection platforms, etc)
  • and more!

SupplyMover comes with prebuilt integrations for most major ERPs, phone, and email services, which means faster onboarding and increased efficiency. Integrations that haven’t been prebuilt can be developed, too!

We also take care of the installation of any integrations as part of our software onboarding process.

The Benefits of Integration


Streamline customer onboarding with the process in one place, and even use our automations to accelerate the conversion process for new customers. Accelerated onboarding means you make money sooner, and our automations mean fewer chances of human error in the process.

Phone and Email

With everything connected, call and email information is automatically logged to the client file. Your sales reps will know exactly when a client was spoken to and never miss an important touchpoint.

GPS and Google Maps integration

Pre-integrated in our system is Google Maps, which allows you to plan routes for your customer visits, plot customers on the map and even create leads with their Google business page details pre-filled.

Order Management

SupplyMover integrates with all your systems, including your WMS, ERP, logistics and shipping providers. This means that all your processes can be managed from our single platform that was designed to be easy to understand and navigate for everyone. With everything in one place, orders have never been easier!

All-in-One System

Create a single source of truth – A single platform to house the data from all of your systems!

SupplyMover itself is an all-in-one system, bringing distributors cutting edge CRM solutions, e-commerce, and sales enablement tools. With our tools, you can manage your inventory, customers, and online orders all from one seamless platform.

Here are some more features SupplyMover provides:

  • Customer-specific product recommendations
  • At-risk notifications
  • Integrated e-commerce
  • Inventory management
  • Automated lead management
  • Leads and routes with Google Maps
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Goal tracking and KPIs
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Mobile accessibility
  • + more!

Click here to visit our “All Features” page!

If you’d like to learn more about SupplyMover, feel free to schedule a demo below!  

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