All Reps Are Different—How to Empower a Diverse Sales Team

Colleagues working together

While it’s true that all sales teams are different—and one sales team may change from one year, or even one month, to the next—it’s also true that each member of a sales team is unique. But how do you empower a team that’s diverse in terms of experience—that includes newbies working alongside seasoned veterans, that has hotshot top sellers and tried-and-true steady salespeople? 

One thing you can do to support your team is make sure that they have the tools that they need to succeed.  

Set Goals for Each Performer 

Every member of your team needs to know how they’re doing—to have goals that they can strive for. But those goals aren’t necessarily the same for everyone on your team.  

It’s important to set unique goals for unique people. Your freshly scrubbed new-to-the-team salesperson is going to need a separate set of benchmarks from your decade-on-the-job expert. And you need a platform that lets you set those unique goals for everyone on your team. (Scroll to the end to learn more about how SupplyMover can help.) 

Track Goals Over Time 

Another step you can take to serve team members is to make sure that you’re tracking sales goals over time. A team member who is consistently just over their goals is going to need different supports than a team member who goes wildly over and then wildly under their goals. Tracking goals over time allows you to tailor your guidance and support to address what each member needs specifically—instead of simply stating whether they hit or missed their goals this quarter.  

Communicate Clearly 

Now that you’ve set unique goals and followed up on whether and how those goals have been met (or not met), it’s important to communicate clearly what you need from the rep. Do they need to keep doing what they’re doing? Is their tweaking that can happen to improve their outcome? Do they need a more serious, fundamentals-first refresher on how to accomplish their sales goals? Communicating clearly allows you to set what your expectations are for your team and to follow up meaningfully on victories and setbacks, and to set it all within the larger context of organization health and industry trends.  

Get SupplyMover 

SupplyMover allows you to do all of these things. SupplyMover is best-in-class CRM and sales enablement software ready to empower your team and get sales moving.  

With robust KPI and reporting functionality, SupplyMover allows you to set individual goals for individual team members—no more of this one-size-fits-all business. And it allows you to slice and dice the data anyway you want in whatever format you need, so you can see how things are going today, this month, or this year.  

And SupplyMover comes with all kinds of ways to communicate, including integrated chat functionality and advanced note-sharing functionality via the CRM, so you never miss a message and everything that happens with every client can be clearly documented for later review.  

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call or longer meet-n-eat lunch session to learn more about how SupplyMover can impact your bottom line.  

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