5 Ways to Speed Up Your Distribution Business


Time is money. If your team isn’t using its time well, that’s money that you’re leaving on the table. If your reps are spending their time on administrative tasks, that’s time that they’re not on the phone with customers. Admins, compliance officers, sales managers and executives all need to think about how to best use their time. And for sales reps, too much wasted time could mean a sales goal that goes unmet.  

Here are five ways that pharma distributors are making sure they’re maximizing their efficiency. And remember—if you’re not doing all of these, your competition just might be.  

Automatically Assign Leads 

With reps making potentially hundreds of calls a day, it’s vital that the lead assignment process happen smoothly and smartly. The goal is to have a process that is easy to use, and that uses AI to help prioritize calls. A strong, modern platform is going to have functionality that helps you figure out who should be calling who, and lets you bulk assign those leads in as short a time as possible. Look for this kind of functionality in the CRM you’re shopping for, and when you get it, use it.  

Prioritize Calls 

Sales reps should be able to see at a glance who they’re calling next. If they’re spending more than ten seconds figuring that out, then you need a better system.  

A modern system is going to prioritize customers and leads based on relevant criteria, including order patterns, order volume, size of account, and more. It will also help prioritize based on follow-up patterns—for example, this customer hasn’t been called since last Tuesday so you might want to ring them again—to maintain regular contact with customers.  

Accelerate Customer Onboarding 

Onboarding new customers can be a bear of a process. There are forms to fill out, to make sure that everyone is who they say they are and that everyone is allowed to buy what they’re buying. A modern platform is going to automate as much of this process as possible, and simplify it so that there are as few hurdles as possible between a new customer signing up and their first purchase with you.  

Fast Performance and Goal Tracking  

Setting and tracking sales goals and KPIs is a vital activity on many sales teams, and is crucial to empowering sales reps with a feeling of personal accountability for their efforts. But reports can be hard to come by, cumbersome to develop, unwieldy to read through. Look for a CRM that makes the process of setting and reviewing goals easy—as easy as the click of a button—so you and your team aren’t wasting time figuring out what numbers mean which outcomes.  

Event Triggers 

There are events that your team does routinely that can be automated, thereby saving the team time and letting them focus on growing your business. Sending a welcome email to a new customer, for example, of emailing an invoice after a purchase. Maximizing these event triggers means your team saves time and that vital actions get done with the opportunity for human error—someone forgetting to send an email, or mistyping a name in the address.  

Get SupplyMover 

SupplyMover can do all of this and more. It helps you sort and assign leads automatically, helps reps prioritize calls, speeds up customer onboarding, has at-a-click reporting functionality and multiple event triggers. It’s designed to help your business accelerate sales cycles and to help your whole team use their time as efficiently as possible. That’s why new users see an average of 38% increase in sales after their first year of use.  

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call or meet-n-eat lunch session to learn more.  

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