Podcast: Ditching Antiquated Sales Processes with Distribution Talk

LISTEN: Distribution Talk Podcast – Episode 116 with Chris VanIttersum

If you’re in distribution, you’ve probably heard of The Distribution Team and Jason Bader’s podcast, Distribution Talk.

Chris VanIttersum, SupplyMover’s CEO, had the chance to join Jason for a discussion on outdated sales techniques, technology, and software, and how it all affects the day-to-day of sales reps, retention of the best reps, and company revenue in unexpected ways.

Jason and Chris talk about tips and lessons they’ve learned throughout their long careers in the industry. Chris’ 12 years working in distribution is what led him to develop SupplyMover; because he didn’t see anyone else solving the most common problems.

One example Chris emphasized was that of all the conversations we have with distributors, very few have ever considered putting past product history in front of their sales team – the actual products their customers are buying. Oftentimes, it’s because they can’t gather the data they’d need in time for that call.

In the podcast, Chris notes that innovation isn’t as scary or unobtainable as it may seem, and that deploying a modern sales management system can revitalize a veteran sales professional’s approach as much as it can attract younger tech-savvy talent to the pool.

At SupplyMover, we understand the struggles that distributors face in the modern era. With outdated sales processes, a lack of real-time data, and a failure to address productivity issues, it’s no wonder that distributors are struggling to keep up with their competitors.

That’s where we come in. As a cloud-based distribution software platform, we offer a single, simple and data-driven management solution that empowers sales teams and makes great client relationships incredibly easy.

By using SupplyMover, sales teams save up to two hours a day of busy work, leading to a 25% lift in productivity. This is because our platform provides immediate access to valuable, real-time relationship intel.

“All the opportunities are right there in front of them,” Chris says. “And we’re really excited to be able to do that for folks.”

By retiring legacy management systems and embracing new technology, distributors can transform their sales process and remain competitive. We can make your transformation simple and straightforward, too.

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We’re proud and thankful to be featured on the Distribution Talk Podcast and to offer distributors a solution that can help them thrive. Check out the episode here: distributiontalk.com/episode116

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