New Podcast: “Moving Distribution”

SupplyMover is proud to announce our brand new podcast, where industry experts talk about all things distribution so that you can keep up with the latest tips, tricks, distributor stories, and news.

We invite you to join the conversation in the comments or suggest new topics that you’d be interested in listening to.

The Moving Distribution Podcast

Ep1: Improving Distribution Sales with Technology

In the first episode:
Chris VanIttersum and Ryan Carrol discuss technology in distribution and how it impacts sales. With much technology being laggard within the industry, and new technologies emerging to fill that gap, there’s a lot of new information out there to wrestle with.

Ep2: Solving Distribution Problems with Technology

In the second episode:
Technology is a too broad a topic to cover in just one episode, so Chris and Ryan get more specific on common problems old technology creates for the modern distributor and the most relevant solutions and newer technologies.

For more, follow our YouTube channel here!

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