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Features built for the distribution industry

Your basic spreadsheets and email tools just won’t cut it. To truly boost sales and achieve consistent results, you need the power of advanced software solutions.

SupplyMover serves as a centralized hub that empowers teams to collaborate effectively, optimize their sales process, and accurately forecast results. But its benefits go beyond that.

Distribution CRM

Get to know to your customers

Easily centralize and track communication with your customers

CRM Basics

Keep track of everything related to your customers such as contact information, activities, notes, files, and order history.


Manage statuses and upload lead lists right to the CRM. Google maps integrations allows for users to add prospects right from the map.

Lead Automation

Automate lead distribution based on contact location, industry, and sales rep specialty on a round-robin basis to improve lead management.

Opportunity Tracking

Allow the sales team to accurately track the status and progression of new leads with drag-and-drop opportunity boards.

Suggested Follow-Ups

Our A.I. sifts through and prioritizes customers and leads for smart recommendations on where the next highest opportunity is.

Customer Scorecards

Instantly understand the health of your customers with visual data that utilizes past information to forecast trends and projections for the future.

Group Management

Assign both customers and team members to groups for more efficient permission and targeting settings. Multi-locations and parent company attributes for improved sorting.

Email Automations

Send automated emails to customers based on their activity and keep sales reps informed with alerts about customer activity and health.

KPI tracking

Automated performance and goal tracking

Efficiently monitor your pipelines, goals, and teams’ performance

Real-time KPI Tracking

Real-time goals can be set to keep the team on track and encourage productive behavior. Color coded to show progress so everyone knows how each user is performing.

Performance Scorecards

Users, products and customers all have scorecards that display the current health and future-looking projections to fully understand performance.

Product Sales Trends

Understand the health of your products, which products are performing best, and when it’s time to reorder with A.I. powered trends.

Competitive Pricing

Keep track of the pricing of competing sellers in order to ensure your team can offer the most competitive prices in the market.

Lost Opportunity Reports

Lost opportunity reports help understand potential sales and what products customers might be sourcing from other distributors.

Market Demand

Keep track of demand with forward-looking data on which products are increasing in popularity and which products might not sell as well.

Call Reporting

With VOIP integrations, phone call statistics like: total calls, last contact, and average call duration can all be tracked and monitored by the team.

Invoice & Order Tracking

Manage invoices and orders with intuitive statuses and time stamps. Never lose an invoice or miss a due date again.

Integrated e-commerce

Sell more with integrated e-commerce

Easy-to-use e-commerce platform with recommendations to increase order size

Order Entry

Users can add products and orders directly from the CRM and complete the checkout process without ever having to leave the application.

Real-time Cart Sharing

Customers and sales can interact in real-time with the same cart, allowing sales to help and upsell customers through the ordering process.

Suggested Selling

Our A.I. provides reps with customer-specific product recommendations in real-time to suggest what items are most likely to be sold.

Product Pricing

Manage complex and customer-specific product pricing to make sure that customers are always getting accurate pricing information.

Quotes & Invoices

Create and send quotes and invoices quickly and easily so customers and sales are always on the same page.

Multi-store Control

Handle multi-store with ease with options for setting parent companies, grouped locations, and multiple bill-to and ship-to addresses.

Online Customer Alerts

Get real-time alerts that ping the assigned sales rep when their customers are using the online shop.

Smart Product Filtering

Sort through products based on Suggested, Popular, New, Short Date,
Previously Purchased, At Risk, and many more filtering options.

A.I. powered recommendations

Increase performance with A.I.

Save time and reduce errors with automations and A.I. powered suggestions

At-risk Accounts

Keep on top of of which accounts are trending down with A.I. powered alerts that monitor sales trends and order frequency.

Opportunity Suggestions

Using past contact frequency and order volume, real-time opportunity suggestions provide your reps with prioritized lists of who to call and who is most likely to close.

Slow Movers

Filter by and push “Slow Movers” or slow-moving products which are products that are selling at a slower rate than intended.

Task Automation

Eliminate the need for repetitive tasks with intuitive workflow builders and event triggers that can save teams up to 2 hours of work per day.

Custom Workflows

Create custom workflows that can send emails, in-app notifications, and even change records to expedite any process you can think of.

Product Recommendations

A.I. powered product suggestions for both customers and reps are based on frequently purchased together, similar products, and item sales, resulting in increased lines per order.

License Verification

Never sell items to customers with expired or invalid licenses with automated verification checks and clearly visualized status labels.

Event Triggers

Trigger emails, alerts, and record updates based on defined events to save time and ensure records are always up to date.

Single source of truth

Centralize your data with integrations

Create a single source of truth for your team, integrating with most major solutions

ERP Integrations

Ensure everything communicates effectively with numerous pre-built ERP integrations and the option of custom ERP integrations.

Google Maps

Plot your current customers and add prospects directly from the map with one click. Users can even drop a pin as a lead for future investigation.

Product Database

Product database integrations are available for improved product data and images for customers and sales.

Email Integrations

Integrate with your email client to manage your inbox and send templated emails right from SupplyMover.

VOIP / Phone

A VOIP integration provides click-to-call functionality and real-time phone data like call history, total calls, and average call duration.

Payment Processing

Manage and accept payments via credit card or ACH. Other payment processing integrations are available.

Pre-built Integrations

With years of experience building integrations, we can help get you up and running quickly with tons of pre-built integrations.

Cloud-based System

SupplyMover is a 100% cloud-based system. This means your data is safe and secure, and your instance can be accessed 24/7 from any device.

Distribution Consultation

Work with industry experts to develop a plan for growth

We offer distributors a comprehensive consultation designed to evaluate your current strategies and identify areas for improvement so you can grow with confidence.

Get organized for growth

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