Making Customer Management Simple for Distributors

Your customers are the most important part of your business, and managing them is usually left up to the individual sales reps in charge of them. So, why shouldn’t you give your reps the tools they need to be the best they can be!

To ensure the happiest of customers with a consistently personalized experience, as well as to allow the whole team and management to track progress, you need something more than spreadsheets and meetings.

SupplyMover’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, integrated e-commerce, and sales enablement tools give you everything you need in one place to make customer satisfaction (and boosted sales) simple.

Organized Customer Data

Ensure all of your customer data is organized and searchable so you can find exactly the information you’re looking for quickly and easily, all within a single source of truth for your data. Everyone in the organization can be on the same page, and customer data can be sorted through in seconds.

Some user-favorite features that help reps understand their clients, nurture relationships, and provide a personalized experience are:

  • in-depth order history
  • shared notes and files
  • call logging
  • invoices

These types of features not only improve customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction, too, by giving them tools to make their job more streamlined and less tedious and disorganized.

Customer Details Page

For a quick overview, watch this video: Customer Scorecards

When you click on any customer, it brings you to an individual customer page where details are in a digestible and visual format. To see how that customer is doing, there are graphs showing Revenue, Sold Units, and Unique Items. Below the graphs are further details, which you can customize to contain all the right information for your business.

Sorted Customer Lists

SupplyMover has organized tabs and automatic labeling for your customers and products that allow your sales teams to easily identify where the sales opportunities are. Contacts are automatically sorted for sales reps, so the customers who need to be reached out to soonest are at the top. This can be set based on how many times and how often you want to reach out to your customers.

SupplyMover makes sure you never miss a call and never miss a sale.


Automations are a game-changer for business, and now distributors have access to them, too! SupplyMover has built automations specifically with distribution in mind, so you can save hours of work, convert more leads, and grow your business with hordes of happy customers.

  • Automated lead management can save sales managers 5-10 hours a week, plus make sure none of your leads stagnate so you capture as many new customers as possible.
  • Automated onboarding and event triggers makes bringing new clients on a breeze.
  • Customizable workflow automations mean processes you build out will always follow through.
  • Email automations can be sent out with order confirmations for customers, promotions specific to each customer’s interests, and more.

Automations mean less opportunity for human error, so you won’t misplace or lose data or waste valuable time.

Customer-Specific Product Recommendations

Our A.I. provides product suggestions based on what is most likely to sell best to each specific customer, which has resulted in increased sales, lines per order, and even improved customer relationships. You can also see frequently purchased together, popular items, reorders, and other lists to make cross-selling and upselling an easy part of every customer interaction.

Online With Your Customers

As another way to not miss out on customer interaction, with built-in e-commerce, SupplyMover can alert you when your customers are shopping online. Your team can provide real-time support and even access the same online store, so they can work directly with customers as they shop. This has been one of the most effective features for our users to increase lines per order. 

At-Risk Customers

SupplyMover labels and creates a list of at-risk customers and products, so that you can keep on top of them. Assigned reps can also be notified when their customer becomes at-risk, so you can minimize or eliminate any potential losses that could come from it going unnoticed. 

Customer Health Reports

SupplyMover makes it easy to track how your customers are faring and what they’re buying via one-click health reports. Customer reports provide valuable, forward-looking insights that can help distribution sales teams identify trends and areas for improvement, as well as know when customers are ready to expand their sales.

Plus, data is automatically logged and reports are automatically generated, which means saving tons of tedious and repetitive work.

What team member wouldn’t appreciate being spared logging data in spreadsheets for countless hours, let alone sifting through all that data? And what company wouldn’t appreciate the extra time handed back to team members to spend on making more sales instead?

All-in-One System

SupplyMover is an all-in-one system, bringing distributors cutting edge CRM solutions, e-commerce, and sales enablement tools. Manage your inventory, customers, and online orders all from one seamless platform.

Here are some more features SupplyMover provides:

  • Leads and routes with Google Maps
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Goal tracking and KPIs
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Mobile accessibility
  • + more!

Click here to visit our “All Features” page!

If you’d like to learn more about SupplyMover, feel free to schedule a demo below!  

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