A Day in the Life of a
Distribution Sales Rep

Many distribution sales teams use SupplyMover to eliminate manual processes, leverage real-time KPI data, and nurture customer relationships — but what does this actually look like in practice?

Take a look at our latest infographic to see how SupplyMover makes a sales rep’s day easier and more productive.






It’s Tuesday, which means you have your weekly call with Rex Snacks. You try to remember what they ordered last week, and think if there’s anything special going on this week that you’re supposed to remember on the call. You jot down some thoughts, but you know you’re missing key information. You hurry into the office to try to track down the rest of the data.

8:00 am

You receive an alert on your phone that a scheduled meeting is set for 1:00 PM with Rex Snacks. You pull up Rex Snacks in SupplyMover and the platform’s AI alerts you that there are two specific sales opportunities for this customer. You have time to stop for a coffee on your way into work. It sure seems like today is going to be a great day.

You get to your desk and sort through a ream of spreadsheets. You ask an associate to generate a brief report of the recent transaction and inventory data related to Rex Snacks. Rex Snacks is one of your top revenue-generating customers, and you want to make sure your meeting is as productive as it can be. You skip coffee and keep working.

9:00 am

Once you arrive at your desk, you see Rex Snacks is a healthy and growing customer based on the customer health report SupplyMover provides. You review products and quantities that the AI-suggested selling feature automatically pulls for you, and you review another AI-generated list of new, popular, and add-on products. You take notes ahead of your meeting, feeling fully prepared

You receive a brief report from your associate on Rex Snacks, and settle in to review the material. You spend some time looking up alternate items in case you can offer them to Rex Snacks, to add a few lines to their order. You glance at the clock and realize you’re not as prepared as you’d like to be—and it’s almost 1:00 pm.

11:00 am

With your Rex Snacks meeting prep complete, you start working off of your SmartMovers list that tells you what customers have sales opportunities today and what products to sell them. By lunch time you’ve already started crushing your daily sales KPI’s and are over halfway to your daily sales goal. Closing sales feels good, but knowing exactly how much you’ve accomplished so far feels even better.

It’s time for the call. With papers in hand, you reach for your phone to dial the number. Accidentally, you misdial and end up talking to the Chinese takeout place down the road. 5 minutes late—with apologies for your tardiness—you get on the phone with Rex Snacks.

1:00 pm

With your customer dashboard pulled up, you click call and the phone starts ringing. With all of your customer data, order history, invoices and upsell and cross-sell opportunities in one place, your meeting flows efficiently. You also sell them a new popular product that SupplyMover recommended prior to the meeting. The client feels well served and you’ve added lines to your sale—a clear win-win for everybody.

The call is over and you start to key in the line items from the call to generate an invoice. Once it’s been manually generated, you email the invoice out for approval. Time goes by, and they respond back with a few revisions to the order, so you re-generate the invoice and start the process all over again.

2:00 pm

Walking through your e-commerce portal, you notice that five of your customers have unsubmitted orders in their shopping cart. You can quickly call those customers and answer any questions they have as you go. Invoices are generated and automatically sent to the customers. As soon as you’re off the phone, you check your KPI dashboard and notice you’re just a sale or two away from hitting your daily goal.

Chaos! With dozens of back-and-forth emails and phone calls, no one is entirely certain of the order’s status. Once your team reaches a consensus, you resend the re-updated invoice for final approval. You have time to make a few other calls, but the only sale needs to be approved by your sales manager, who is on vacation. It’ll have to wait until they’re back in the office to be processed.

4:00 pm

With workflow automations in place, you close out your day with ease. You make your last sale, which requires your sales manager to approve a discounted price on the order. Luckily there is an automation for approval, and your sales manager can approve the order from the beach where they are on vacation. That sale closes out your day, and SupplyMover congratulates you on hitting your daily goal.

Rex Snacks finally gets back to you with approval of the new invoice. Their order will need to be fulfilled tomorrow. You arrived home an hour ago and are finally about to turn on the TV but realize you need to combine reports from Q2 to present to the sales team in the morning. You spend the evening at your desk building the report.

7:00 pm

You executed all your orders in record time, and Rex Snacks order was up 20% from last months! You’ve already generated a custom report for the sales meeting tomorrow. You hit your sales goal for the month and converted a lead into a customer. A satisfying end to a highly productive day. You close your laptop, feeling good.

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