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Increase your sales and efficiency with SupplyMover, a best-in-class distribution solution for customer management, e-commerce, and insightful analytics that will transform your business.

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Why SupplyMover

Three ways SupplyMover helps
distributors grow

Capture and convert new leads more efficiently to grow your customer base

Shorten sales cycles and convert more leads with automated lead assignment and accelerated customer onboarding. With call prioritization, in-depth contact history, and a robust e-commerce portal, you can empower your customers with more ways to shop.

Equip sales teams with powerful tools to sell more products

Take control of sales calls with real-time information and inventory insights to give reps access to cross-selling options, upselling opportunities, best-seller lists, and more. Put reps in a position where they can always land or expand a sale.

Smart goals and performance tracking drive productive behavior

Equip your team with clearly visualized data on sales, orders, calls, and drive productive behaviors with customized role-specific dashboards and KPI’s. Allowing you to instantly gain clarity on performance metrics with one-click report generation, and automated goal tracking.

Maximize your profit with SupplyMover


Increase in Total Sales


Increase in Customers


Increase in New Orders

Average increase after first year of implementation

Know your customers

Access detailed customer information and history with a single click.

Measure performance

Individual and team based goals keep users on track and productive.

Predict outcomes

SupplyMover empowers users to be proactive to opportunities and potential red flags.

SupplyMover has been a great tool for our sales department. Every day they can see what their sales are, how long they have been on the phone, how many calls they made, customer insights and a ton of beneficial customer information. Using SupplyMover allows us to grow sales and provide better service to our customers.

Wendy Fahrenholz

Sales and Marketing Director – SouthPointe Wholesale

System Bolt-on

Enhance your Current ERP Solution

Already using an ERP? SupplyMover bolts directly to your current ERP system to empower your team to increase sales and improve efficiency with our integrated customer management and sales enablement solution.

Stay ahead of the curve with solutions built for distributors.

The distribution industry is facing unprecedented disruption with supply lines and shortages that can ruin relationships with customers. SupplyMover was created to help distributors maximize their opportunity pipelines, so they can focus on thriving—not just surviving.

Workflow automation

Power sales productivity by automating simple tasks and upgrading data usability in a major way. Utilizing both custom and pre-built distribution workflows you can eliminate your companies unique pain points.

Customer management

From a lead to a happy relationship. Track your customer touchpoints and order history to gain behavior insights and improve your customer journeys.

Sales automation

SupplyMover comes with prebuilt distribution automations to streamline workflows and expedite the sales process.

Prebuilt integrations

SupplyMover integrates seamlessly with your phone, email, and inventory systems, cutting down on time and headaches.

Training and support

We make adaptation easy. With a simple and thorough onboarding process and ongoing customer support, SupplyMover is easy-to-use and built with your sales and distribution teams in mind.

Real-time data

Streamline work for your team

Save time by taking advantage of event triggers, prebuilt distribution workflows, automated lead distribution, and more with SupplyMover. With real-time data tracking and automation you can focus on what matters.


You Have Questions.
We Have Answers.

What is SupplyMover?

  • SupplyMover is an all-in-one, cloud-based CRM, e-commerce, and sales enablement suite built specifically for the distribution industry. It gives you the ability to record, organize, and utilize all of your data in seconds, including robust client management and analytics functionality..

Who is SupplyMover for?

  • SupplyMover is built for distribution. With over a decade of industry experience our founders saw a need for a tool to empower teams and created custom features built on customer feedback and real pain-points felt by distributers across the globe.

I already have a CRM, is SupplyMover different?

  • Traditional CRMs are limited and aren’t built with additional features to serve distributors and sales teams. SupplyMover optimizes opportunity pipelines and prebuilt distribution automations. Saving you time and money on additional customizations.

How secure is my data?

  • We take data security very seriously, hosting your data on encrypted AWS servers.

Do sales teams actually use it?

  • SupplyMover is a sales rep’s best friend. Our behavior-driven design tells reps who to call and what to sell. With automated lead distribution, suggested selling items, and in-depth order histories, SupplyMover gives reps everything they need to land and expand deals.

How does setup and onboarding work?

  • Setup and onboarding are simple. Working closely with our U.S.-based onboarding team, you’ll install the software, import your contacts, and add your team as users. SupplyMover will take care of the rest.

I’m interested, but not sure if I want to purchase, what should I do?

  • SupplyMover is currently offering a free one-month trial. Contact us today to learn more.

Can I import my excel data into SupplyMover?

  • Of course! The SupplyMover import wizard helps guide you through the process of pulling in your contacts and data.

Does SupplyMover integrate with my ERP?

  • SupplyMover has prebuilt integrations with many popular ERPs.  Working with an ERP outside of our current partnerships? We can easily build custom integrations with any platform or services.

What is sales enablement software?

  • Sales enablement software provides users with tools to empower sales team members to sell more products, connect with more clients, and do it all with efficiency and productivity in mind. Our behavior-driven design makes sure that the data that sales teams need is always only a click or two away, and sales rep dashboards make sure that the most important information is right in front of you at all times.

What is a CRM?

  • A CRM collects and records all manner of data relating to your clients and customers—contact info, order histories, special deals and pricing quotes, and more. But be careful! Not all CRMs are created equal. SupplyMover was created with distribution companies in mind, and has prebuilt solutions to most major pain points.

Can I get these features somewhere else?

  • Many companies find themselves having to subscribe to multiple platforms in order to have a functioning CRM, B2B e-commerce portals, and sales enablement toolsets; all while struggling to get these platforms to talk to each without costly complications. SupplyMover solved this problem in one easy solution. Allowing custom features to work hand-in-hand to give companies a modern productivity upgrade.

How much does SupplyMover cost?

  • We have multiple tiers of pricing to meet the needs of varied and diverse customers. See our pricing page for details.

How does SupplyMover help with compliance and regulatory issues?

  • SupplyMover keeps track of licensing information so you always know who you’re selling to. Have total confidence in up-to-date license and regulatory data thanks to SupplyMover tracking capabilities.

Getting started

Our Process

From onboarding and beyond, our SupplyMover experts will be with you every step of the way to modernize your distribution journey.

Step #1

Pinpoint Needs

Meet with our Customer Success team to perform a discovery on your unique business needs and how to best customize SupplyMover to solve them.

Step #2

Workflow Creation

Our talented U.S.-based engineering team will custom-tailor SupplyMover to accommodate your current daily workflow, unique business needs, or future goals.

Step #3

Training & Support

Work with our onboarding specialists to ensure your team gets the most out of SupplyMover. With virtual or on-site visits, onboarding, support, and training it is easy to get your team up and running.

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